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Enjoy your family life with peace of mind! Protect your family and loved ones in case of accident or illness without the need to save and invest!

High-quality risk life insurance ActiveLife brings you and your family a whole life protection with a lot of benefits:

  • Keep all your family protected with a broad range of cover in the case of accident or the diagnosis of any of 56 critical illnesses incl. mental diseases
  • Protect your children from the date of their birth
  • Cover all your family members (up to 8 individuals) on one single contract
  • Maintain and protect your living standard (eg. mortgage settlement) in case of unexpected life events
  • Update and change your policy according to your current needs - change number of insured individuals and scope of insurance during its duration

Get additional unique benefits and services with your protection policy free of charge:

  • FREE 24/7 assistance services:
    • Medical assistance (transport from medical facilities, medication deliveries, and a health information helpline)
    • Household assistance (such as housecleaning, basic food shopping, and childcare during your treatment)
  • FREE 24/7 On-line insurance claim reporting
    • Whenever any insured event covered by your protection policy occurs, use our online notification system to let us know, without a need to go to branch office
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